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Our Silver Partners will have representatives, our guests, at each quarterly meeting and other FPA of Orange County events. Please take a few minutes to introduce yourself and thank them for making possible the many services they are providing to our membership and the community in which we live and work. Always perform your own due diligence before engaging any professional.

Contact: Tim Bryan
Phone: (801) 983-4125
Website: www.wasatchfunds.com
Contact: Scott Monroe
Phone: (949) 366-4161
Website: www.tdainstitutional.com
Contact: Francine Berg
Phone: (949) 824-4661
Website: unex.uci.edu
Contact: Mike Diephouse
Phone: (949) 809-2695
Website: www.scholarshare.com
Contact: John J. Leonard
Phone: (619) 206-0785
Website: www.jpmorganfunds.com
Contact: Cynthia Grether
Phone: (805) 493-3325
Website: www.callutheran.edu

Contact: Andrew Scammon
Phone: (562) 743-0111
Website: www.effectiveretirement.com

Contact: Eric Miller
Phone: (562) 682-0746
Website: alpinemc.com/ericmiller

Contact: Nick Rosenthal
Phone: (949) 514-1160
Website: www.griffincapital.com
Contact: Traci Stier
Phone: (714) 369-4887
Website: www.loandepot.com/tstier
Contact: UESP Professional Services Team
Phone: (888) 529-1886
Website: advisor.uesp.org
Contact: Laurence Kandel
Phone: (303) 619-7638
Website: www.s2kfinancial.com
Contact: Andrew Ballard, CIMA®
Phone: (414) 298-4984
Website: BairdEquityAssetManagement.com
Contact: Ashley M. Kennefick
Phone: (949) 899-4590
Website: www.fidelity.com
Contact: Ben Bingham
Phone: (866) 575-5070
Website: www.wilshirefp.com
Contact: Susanna Chan
Phone: (310) 880-4189
Website: www.americanbeaconfunds.com
Contact: Steven de Barón Prescott, MBA, CFP®
Vice President
Phone: (858) 630-0414
Website: www.kingsbarn.com
Contact: Roger Hill
Senior Regional Director
Phone: (801) 870-5644
Website: www.williamblair.com
2549-B Eastbluff Drive #220, Newport Beach, CA 92660-3500 | 877-622-3729